No. 1: Speak Out and Influence the Media by Writing Opinion Letters No. 2: Buy Israel No. 3: Serve in the Israeli Intelligence Services No. 4: Help Israel on Behalf of the Christian Zionist Community No. 5: Volunteer for the Israel Defense Forces as a Non-Combat Soldier (for people ages 18 to 80 -- Yes 80!) No. 6: Serve in the Israel Defense Forces as a Combat Soldier (ages 18 to 23) No. 7: Pray and Learn for the Nation of Israel No. 8: Fight for Israel on College Campuses No. 9: Study in Israel and Earn College Credit No. 10: Fight the Anti-Israel Economic Boycott by Supporting Targeted Companies No. 11: Boycott Arab Oil at Your Local Gas Station No. 12: Get the Israeli Side of Daily Events in the Middle East No. 13: Write to Your Elected Official on Behalf of Israel No. 14: Learn About Israel's Greatest Accomplishments No. 15: Learn the Israeli Side of the Middle East Conflict No. 16: Discover What are Enemies are Saying About us and the Western World No. 17: Support the Troops No. 18: Join Pro-Israel Organizations No. 19: Spiritual Activism - Perform Acts of Tsuva for the State of Israel No. 20: Visit Israel for the First Time No. 21: Keep Coming Back to Israel and Make Your Next Trip Even Better! No. 22: Volunteer for Israel at Home and in Israel No. 23: Donate to Israeli Charities No. 24: Invest in Israel Bonds No. 25: Make Aliyah
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